An Evening with Laura Wright

Do you know someone with young singers who might be interested in joining a church choir?

Do you have family and friends in schools who might also know young people who would be interested?

Then why not get them to book into our webinar when Laura Wright, internationally renowned mezzo-soprano, former winner of the BBC Chorister of the Year competition, and Songs of Praise presenter, and our good friend Simon Lole will talk about their passion for singing and church music. Both are hugely keen to promote the benefits of belonging to church choirs and support RSCM International Chorister Day (September 19th) as we help choirs to rebuild and reach out to inspire potential new recruits.

This is a wonderful opportunity for adults and young people to hear from two passionate advocates – we have to act to get more young people into church choirs and you can help by circulating this email and encouraging people to sign up to the webinar.

To book a place on the webinar click here

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