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Application for Baptism

We are delighted that you are thinking about baptism whether that be for your child or yourself. Please contact Veronica Royle on 07552 225 220 to discuss the process.

Traditionally Baptism (also known as Christening) is conducted at your local parish church as baptism marks the start of a journey in faith with the local Christian community. Sometimes it is conducted at the church you have a particular connection with perhaps through worshipping there or family connections.

Time and date of Baptism
Here at St John the Baptist, Hey we conduct a considerable number of baptisms each year and they are generally done after the main service on a Sunday morning. The service would start at 11.15 am and will take about 45 mins. Depending on numbers we may do two baptisms at the same time. Because we already have bookings on file we suggest you agree the baptism date with us first before committing to a party venue – we cannot always do the one date you want.

About the person being baptised:

1. Date of birth
2. Christian name(s) and surname
3. The Father’s Christian name(s) and surname
4. The Mother’s Christian name(s) and surname
5. Your Address
6. Your telephone no. (land line if you have one – mobile if not)
7. Your e mail address
8. Very roughly how many people do you think will be attending the service

About godparents
Traditionally children have godparents chosen for them by parents (adult candidates do not need godparents). The norm is that a child will have 3 Godparents (2 of the same sex and one of the opposite sex to the child). Godparents must have been baptised themselves into a Christian church and be 16 years old or older – so Roman Catholics, Baptists, Methodist etc are fine but other faiths and members of “The church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints” (Mormons) cannot be Godparents. Whilst all may be good people their understanding of God is different to Christians.

Once the go ahead is given then the details will be passed to a member of the Baptism visiting team who will make contact about 3 weeks before the date to arrange to come and see you at home to talk about what the form of the service will be. We also ask you to attend church on the Sunday before the baptism at 9.30am with the candidate for baptism so we can welcome you into the worshipping community.

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