Exploring Ministry

Discovering a vocation in Christ can be very exciting. It can be a joyful affair, one in which God reveals his will for us, which can feel like an amazing life affirming moment, but it can also feel very scary.

Discerning, a path or a way forward in and amongst all those feelings can seem a little bit like eating a trifle with a fork. In one sense you know it is a delicious thing to eat but despite lots of enthusiasm nothing happens quickly and the potential for making a mess is considerable.

God calls us all to serve in a vocation. Discerning how and when God is calling you is a consequence of your own relationship with God, which is continually changing. Having a faithful and disciplined prayer life is essential if we are to listen to God’s will for us and this is where the process starts and ends. Is God calling you? Only God knows for certain but perhaps through prayer and with God’s grace we can make time to discover this together.

If you would like to discuss your calling and vocation please get in touch, with every Blessing!

Foundations for Ministry

Lay Reader

Authorised Lay Ministry

Ordained Local Ministry

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