Pew Sheet

We place on line here our weekly pew sheet which we distribute at our services. It is designed not only to give notices and a weekly diary but most importantly to provide a structure and focus to our daily bible reading and prayer life. The readings follow the Church of England calendar (lectionary) of readings set for Morning prayer each day.

We pray too by first name for those who have asked for prayers or are sick.

By following the pew sheet your prayers will join with many others as we bring before God the needs of our troubled world.

Click for 15 Oct

Click for 12 Oct Thu

Click for 8 Oct

Click for 5 Oct Thu

Click for 1 Oct

Click for 28 Sept Thu

Click for 24 Sept

Click for 21 Sept Thu

Click for 17 Sept

Click for 14 Sept Thu

Click for 10 Sept

Click for 7 Sept Thurs

Click for 3 Sept


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