Vulnerable Adults

Policy Statement

Vulnerable Adults

This policy statement is subject to annual review and was agreed by the PCC on 12 Feb 2015

 As a church community we are committed to:

 The care, nurture of and respectful pastoral ministry with, all children and adults.

The safeguarding and protection of all children and adults.

The establishment of safe, caring communities which provide an environment where there is a culture of informed vigilance regarding the dangers of abuse.

Paying special attention to those adults who may be vulnerable, either because they may be suffering domestic abuse or those with failing capacity / physical ability / mental ability. We will:

Ensure that all feel welcomed, respected and safe from abuse when in our care.

Encourage those who may be vulnerable to:

Lead as independent a life as possible

Choose how to lead their life

Continue to be active contributors to church life.

As a Church community we will strive to:

Enable and encourage concerns to be raised and responded to respectfully.

Offer support and care for those suffering, or who have suffered, from any form of abuse.

Promote respect and value each person as a child of God.

Remember that abuse comes in many disguises – physical, financial, neglect & omission, sexual, emotional, psychological (bullying etc), discriminatory, institutional, and on the phone / internet.

Keep an eye out for signs of possible abuse in a vulnerable person, such as changes in:

  • circumstances and behaviour
  • state of dress and care
  • becoming isolated and no longer regularly attending church
  • Low self esteem, anxiety, dispiritment.

Any concerns about a third party are to be discussed in confidence with

the Parish priest or the Church Wardens. *

 As a church community we acknowledge that we all have a responsibility in recognising those who are vulnerable and ensuring their care.

 * In the case of abuse then they will report to the appropriate authorities as required by law

Policy written Jan 13, amended and updated Feb 14, Feb 15

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