Charitable Giving

We take seriously our responsibility as a Christian community to reach out and help those who are disadvantaged or in times of need through our charitable giving. A community that only looks inward dies so each month we put aside an amount of money in order that towards the end of the year (or during the year if there is a Crisis appeal) we are able to give to a number of international, national and local charities. If you would like to make a suggestion of a particular charity to be supported let us know the name and charity number and we’ll add it to the list for consideration.

Charitable Giving for 2016

Thank you for your generosity towards our Charitable efforts this year. As a church we tithe a percentage of what we spend on ourselves to Charity – a good biblical imperative. We are committed to pay our parish share to the Diocese which this year is £47,475. On top of that we allocated £2,400 this year to charitable giving which is about 8% of what we spend on ourselves. Over the year we put aside an amount of money each month so that at the end of the year the PCC can distribute that money to worthy causes. The PCC decided that this year we will support these charities by sending £300 to each of the following:
Cold Nights – local charity providing clothing and warmth for local rough sleepers
Chadderton & Oldham Voluntary Committee for Cancer Research UK – research into personalized treatments for children with brain tumours.

P.O.I.N.T – Oldham based charity supporting children and young people with disabilities. –

Dogs for Good – training dogs to help children overcome anxieties and encourage achievement

Mummy’s Star – local charity helping pregnant mothers undergoing cancer treatment

Emmaus – a charity working to end homelessness

Terrence Higgins Trust – working to reduce the spread of HIV and AIDS

One held for emergencies.

Additionally we support:
Christian Aid Week in the spring collection raised £150.

Harvest – In October we had a double foci:
Oldham Foodbank a collection of food
Water Aid £400.

Children’s Society (£200) and Francis House (£225) – Sunday School continues to raise money for Francis House and we will split the Christingle and Nativity Service collection between them as in previous years.

Samaritan’s Purse – We are supporting them by filling shoe boxes to be sent to the most disadvantaged children in the world.

Dr Kershaws – selling calenders in support.

Concern for the world beyond our own doors is one sign of a healthy Christian Community


PCC Jan 2017

More information can be found on these charity websites, click on the hotlinks below:

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