Charitable Giving 2011


you for your generosity to our Charitable giving this year. As a church we tithe a percentage of what we spend on ourselves to Charity – a good biblical imperative. We allocated £2,100 this year to charitable giving which is about 7.5% of what we spend on ourselves (excludes share). Over the year we put aside a small amount of money each month so that in November the PCC can distribute that money to worthy causes. The PCC decided that this year we will support the following charities:

£300 –    Save the Children – Somalia drought – sent in July

£300 –    Kampala Children’s Centre – Helping over 1000

Ugandan orphans

£300 –    St Dunstan’s – helping blinded servicemen & women

£300 –    St Mungo’s – helping rough sleepers

£300 –    Key to the Door – homelessness & social issues locally

£300 –    Threshold – helping ex offenders locally

£300 –    Dr Kershaw’s – local hospice

In the spring our Christian Aid Week efforts raised £260 and at Harvest we followed the pattern of recent years with a harvest of money and sent £ 550 to Farm Africa – Giving poverty the boot.

Sunday School continues to raise money for Francis House and we will split the Christingle and Nativity Service collection between the Children’s Society and Francis House as in previous years.

We are supporting the Samaritan’s Purse by filling shoe boxes to be sent to the most disadvantaged children in the world.

I am very conscious that it may seem odd to be distributing money to charity when we could spend it clearing our debt to parish share. But if we turn our eyes away from the needs of our world, torn apart and in pain then we will become insular, inward looking and we will wither as a Christian community.

Concern for the world beyond our own doors is the sign

of a healthy Christian Community



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