Complaints Policy

All of us at St Johns are proud to consider ourselves a fully inclusive church and open to all. Part of that openness is the ability and willingness to deal with complaints from Parishioners and to resolve any differences speedily and efficiently to the satisfaction and benefit of all.

The Wardens are always available to support any parishioners who have cause for concern and will assist to resolve any differences with the relevant parties if appropriate.  Of course parishioners may also approach any member of the PCC to discuss matters of concern or to have an issue raised and discussed at a PCC meeting.

Minor complaints should be directed to the clergy, the wardens, or if necessary the Archdeacon of Rochdale. In the unlikely event of serious complaint there is a formal process.

The Clergy Discipline Measure 2003 sets out the procedures for dealing with complaints against the Clergy.  These are formal complaints and generally of a serious nature and by their very nature require proper consideration and investigation.  The process is straight forward but does require the completion of forms, evidence and signed statements being forwarded to the Bishop.

In the event of a serious complaint the Wardens should be contacted in the first place for advice on the complaints procedure.  Any approach to the Wardens will be treated in the strictest confidence.

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