Child Protection Policy

Our Policy Statement on children / young people and the church:

Children and young people are part of our church today, they have as much to give as well as receive. We will listen to them. As we nurture them in worship, learning and community life we will respect the wishes and feelings of children and young people.

¨     As members of this church we commit ourselves to the nurturing, protection and safe keeping of all, especially children and young people.

¨     We accept that we have different gifts, skills and abilities. We will help individuals to find their role within the church thus ensuring that the most appropriate people carry out work with children and young people.

¨     We are responsible for protecting the children and young people of our church from physical, sexual and emotional abuse; and ensuring that any discovered abuse is reported correctly.

¨     We recognise the inherent dangers of the Internet, e mails and text messaging in the context of potential child abuse. We will offer advice and guidance to parents, young people and adult leaders in line with the Diocesan policy.

To that end we will ensure that:

¨     All those working with children are adequately trained and supervised; they are sufficiently resourced and have a safe and appropriate environment for their work.

¨     Each individual group working with children or young people in our church are to draw up a code of practice appropriate to that age group that follow the guidelines / procedures set down in the Diocesan document “Children First”.

¨     Each person working with children and young people is to be given a copy of: this policy; their appropriate code of practice and is to know and follow the recommendations in “Children First”.

¨      All workers are to review their commitment to working with children and young people annually by renewing their CP2 form and considering what training or development they will undertake in the following year.

The Parish coordinator for all matters relating to this policy is:

Keith Schofield – 0161 627 1573 or in his absence

The Team Rector – 0161 626 3630

This policy was reviewed & agreed by the PCC on 11th January 2011 and is subject to annual review.

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